Problems with social media

Repost from 4/7/17

“Social Media is a scary thing. We’ve allowed out innermost thoughts and feelings to bleed out like we all have Turrets syndrome. The universality of it is wonderful, but also causes more stressed from around the world. It destroys relationships, and creates triggers. Worst of all, we’re all addicted to it.”

While there is a lot of truth in the statements above (other than the misspelling of Tourette’s and other grammatical issues), they fail to address important aspects of social media. Sure, social media is a fantastic way to waste time, but those most likely to waste time can always find other ways to do so. I would counter that, though it has potential to destroy relationships in settings where heated disagreements arise, if these happen between people who are in touch on a regular basis through other means, the disagreements are going to happen anyway and the relationships are probably already ill-fated. On the other hand, social media can bring together people who lost contact, say, at high school graduation. It has the potential to build relationships in that way. That said, things might come out over social media that you never knew about these new old friends. Considering the relationships were lost before social media came to town, I would say nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I guess, as I’ve written this, the statement above is as short-sighted as it is misspelled, mispunctuated, and overall poorly written.

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