Times, they are a changing!

Busy summer. No great bits of wisdom to share, but a few personal updates: Accepted a job as associate fellowship program director for education and clinical training in the Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine at the University

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New course, new reading.

Today, I read with great interest Christoferos Pappas’ “9 Tips To Apply Adult Learning Theory to eLearning” as the first assigned reading for INTE 5200 –¬†The Online Educator: Crafting eLearning¬†Experiences. This is probably my first rigorous exposure to learning theory,

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Communication strategy in the pulmonary/critical care division at the University of Colorado School of Medicine

I’m sitting in a conference room at the Westin Riverfront in Avon, CO for our division retreat. We’ve undergone a lot of changes, and this is our opportunity to get up to date and to contribute to the future direction

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Privacy on social media

Privacy in social media is a big issue, but to expect privacy to really exist while maintaining a network footprint is a little ridiculous. Once something goes online, you can never guarantee that someone doesn’t get ahold of it, download

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Problems with social media

Repost from 4/7/17 “Social Media is a scary thing. We’ve allowed out innermost thoughts and feelings to bleed out like we all have Turrets syndrome. The universality of it is wonderful, but also causes more stressed from around the world.

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Professionalism and networked learning

I’ll admit – I’m skeptical about the concept of connectivism. I agree that knowledge and its application today are vastly different than when I was in college 25 years ago. My concern is that today’s learners are relying on the

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In my tribe

I’m not certain that this is what Natalie Merchant and company had in mind when they named their 1987 release, but listening to Seth Godin speak about founding a movement and leading your tribe, I couldn’t help but think of

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